Friday, March 8, 2013

its hurt..

today i would like to post because i just can't help to pretend anymore..
pretending to be okey, huhahuha with friend was soo much hurt me inside actually
coz i'm lying to myself, trying to hide those feeling, how should i confront with him, everyday..
ya Allah, swear to god i love him.. i was trying to save our relationship, but you was like.. erm yah, mm, okey, and all that.. 
syg , you will not knowing how much i love you, and our relationship..
if we HAVE TO break up, then i think you will be my last couple, after this, if god send someone to take care of me, kawin terus tayah cpl2..
like seriously, you own the key of my heart, if you turn that key to me, then it will be lock forever.. 
its not that, aku tak redho dengan ujian nie, but.. why he don't understand me, why... why he was like take e lightly,.. WHYYYYYYYYYYY??!

1 comment:

Ieqa said...

syg, npe nie? what happened? ptutla lately nie awk len mcm jer..huhuhu

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