Friday, March 8, 2013

tears don fall, you have to stay strong


its hurt..

today i would like to post because i just can't help to pretend anymore..
pretending to be okey, huhahuha with friend was soo much hurt me inside actually
coz i'm lying to myself, trying to hide those feeling, how should i confront with him, everyday..
ya Allah, swear to god i love him.. i was trying to save our relationship, but you was like.. erm yah, mm, okey, and all that.. 
syg , you will not knowing how much i love you, and our relationship..
if we HAVE TO break up, then i think you will be my last couple, after this, if god send someone to take care of me, kawin terus tayah cpl2..
like seriously, you own the key of my heart, if you turn that key to me, then it will be lock forever.. 
its not that, aku tak redho dengan ujian nie, but.. why he don't understand me, why... why he was like take e lightly,.. WHYYYYYYYYYYY??!

Friday, October 12, 2012

its not bout that i did not trust u

I’m absolutely paranoid and insecure with relationships

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

friends are everything

p/s: please stay right beside me , i just can't live without them. untill then.. bye

hye everibadi,
how october been treating u so far? *eceh.. bercite-cite nak jd omputih wlaupun tak putih mane, ijau ade la kan* ahaha.. fuyoo, rindu nak update blog, sorry lah, mmg tibe-tibe mood ilang nak blogging bila dah start sem, n now, dah final da.. since ade gap semingguu before last paper, saje jea lah nak mengade kejap kat blog nie.. anywayy.. banyak sgt cerita nak diceritakan, tpy ..*beragak la* so..  ape yg ade jea lah ye..

oke recently my study was oke, everything also was oke, but then, hidup nie tak lari dari mslh.. actually, i found it so hard untuk berterus-terang.. i just don't wat to be so mean to someone that i love before.. dengan ape yg dah jadi.. sebelum nie, buat saya rasa tawar hati sgt kat awk even awk dah berubah mcm yg sy nak, but awk, it just too late.. its been a year ago, ape sy ckp awk tak penah berubah pun, n bila sekarang nie, jadi mcm nie.. seriously, terkilan................. hmmph, mengeluh pun tak guna.. a couple of moth ago, tbe-tbe sesuatu yg tak di jangke berlaku, n somehow it just happening k.. sy rapat ngn my own classmate, and and.. he was being nice, and treat me like * saya nie sama mcm perempuan lain, bukan perempuan yg kurang si sini, situ dan sana yg awk perlu complain dan minta sy utk ubah*..  and plus, sy ngn awk did not related to each othr, i mean kat org lain pon awk ckp kite kawan jea kan.. so,lepas setahun sy faham awk,.. masih terngiang-ngiang lagi ayat awk yg 1 malam tu.. mase tu sy belajar utk takkan menyibuk lagi dalam hidup awk.. rupanya sy menyibuk jea kan.. sy faham.. n now even before rapat ngn one of my classmate tu, mmt aty nie dah tawar.. it just that sy still belajar utk trima sbub awk da berubah.. but i failed.. okelah, mcm dah ta boleh jea nak ckp pape.. thnks for everything.. to letting u know that i was sooo in love with u before..

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